PaintBuster Review

It's much easier than you think

Submitted by madhu on Thu, 2010-05-06 07:44.
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Easy-to-use,Cheaper,Advanced features,Great tool for beginner,free image editing programs
Tutorials not available,free competitors,expensive features

Paint Buster is a fast, compact and innovative photo manipulation and image creation tool.Many features come with this program but it's quite easy to work with. Easy to understand how to make it work.

Use PaintBuster to create your own business card, birthday card, broshure,Red Eye Removal, Scratch Removal and image Creation etc.

PaintBuster gives you complete control of your images, on pixel, color, palette and print level.

PaintBuster supports all variations of all popular file formats.

I have many photos on my computer from past weddings, parties and trips that i decided to try out this photo editing program! PaintBuster has the ability to edit your images just the way you like it! Not only does it do that, but it does it really well! It is one of the best photo editing software i have tried before.

it's easily one of the best ones i have ever used. I suggest it to all the photo lovers out there!


In conclusions I think a lot of people would get great use from PaintBuster. PaintBuster offers many of the same features and benefits of Photoshop.If you like to have a simple and easy to learn image editing tool it is the right product for you. Its not a killer product.