DVDFab Platinum Review

Best replacement since DVD Decrypter

Submitted by Khoi T. Nguyen on Fri, 2007-02-09 06:04.
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Simple instruction and layout.
No manual control for ISO

This the simplest DVD back up system that I've ever use since the discontinue of DVD Decrypter. The instruction layouts are extremely simple that even a computer illiterate person can do.

The process is extremely fast with well equip computer, all that required is a DVD reader, well run computer, and enough space to store the data. This back-up system virtually able to crack majority of the protection layer that prevent the reading of the disk.

Works with single layer and dual layer DVD


For those that just want to back-up their DVDs, this would be the only product that can do that without the hassle of reading instruction or try to figure out how it works.