Note Pager Pro Review

point and click ease of use

Submitted by madhu on Fri, 2010-05-07 19:47.
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ease of use.wireless helper,group messaging capabilities,messages can be sent to an unlimited number of recipients on a single telecom provider or paging carrier.
waste of time and money,Poor user interface,Not user friendly,appearance is not good.

Wireless messaging has become a thing as common as potato chips nowadays. And as time goes, it's getting easier to send messages to pagers or mobile phones via the Internet. If you'd like to send wireless messages to your friends, relatives and colleagues without the need to call your paging operator or enter the message on the mobile phone keyboard, use NotePager Pro.
NotePager Pro is an advanced messaging application that lets you send messages to an unlimited number of recipients. You can send a message to a single recipient or a predefined group of them.

You can do a lot with this program and at some moments it even reliefs you because you can shedule the messages you have to send.

It has some bugs. For example, when i tried to add a new receiver but i typed a wrong number, it print out fatal errors and then quit. Usually speaking,in this case, it should print out a message like "number unavailable" and let me try again.


In conclusion,it is very easy to use and has a self-explaining interface. It boasts a number of less significant yet useful features such as a spell checker or predefined messages. Try this tool today and send out wireless messages via the Internet.