PlanBee Review

Plan Bee Software Review

Submitted by kirankumar on Sat, 2010-05-08 13:06.
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Once you get used to it, though, PlanBee's setup does have some advantages. For one thing, too many open windows can be rather confusing. Some big commercial applications like Quickbooks handle every data operation in a new window. While many people use Quickbooks to great advantage, I find it a bit cumbersome and slow. When you are forced to enter information into a new window that fills your whole screen before you can proceed, then you are actually forced into a very linear thought process.
I would like to see the next version of PlanBee use new windows a bit more often, but you can see many more parts of the process by its use of the panels under the current design.

I must admit I felt a bit confused when I first started up PlanBee. I had never used a Project Management tool before, and the idea seemed a little intimidating.

I don't have a lot of patience to begin with, so my usual way of doing things is to glance over the instructions, then dive right into it. As it turns out, this worked well with PlanBee.

Considering the complexity of the task, PlanBee was, in general, surprisingly easy to learn. I was able to plan a basic project pretty quickly, but I did have some difficulty figuring out the more complex attributes of the software.

I think this is because PlanBee does not operate quite the way you would expect with Windows. It doesn't pop up a new Window for every little operation. This takes a little getting used to at first. The text is smaller than we are used to with most Windows applications. Rather than popping up new Windows, PlanBee makes extensive use of panels or frames within the main program window.


Sotware seems fine