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Every subject, from dentistry to dog handling has its own vocabulary—terms that are peculiar (unique) to it. Typography is no exception.
Although the influence of the Humanist types is far reaching , they aren’t often seen these days. Despite a brief revival during the early twentieth century, their relatively dark colour and small x-heights have fallen out of fashion

In Erik Spiekermann’s list of favourite five typefaces, Arnhem comes in at No.5. He writes “I Love it for newspapers, magazines, etc. Not so keen on the headline weights, they look too Dutch for my use (perhaps too Ungerish, but then Fred is also from Arnhem). But the text weights are a superb modern interpretation of a legible serif with an edge.” This sums up the essence of Arnhem—a very legible serif with an edge.

I first encountered Arnhem in Norman Potter’s “What is a designer” published by Hyphen Press. It is set beautifully, with a good point size, rag-right and suitable leading. Arnhem really works well; it is calm enough for extended reading yet retains enough personality to save it from lapsing into mediocrity and the reader from boredom. It has an understated feeling of seriousness, a fitness of purpose that isn’t betrayed by any unusual or distracting details.


A lovely typeface indeed. Great review Kris. I need to start setting aside money for fonts — seems like you can never have enough! :)