Betty's Beer Bar Review


Submitted by cmatthewprice on Sun, 2010-05-09 15:51.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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-Fun to play, high rate of replay for your buck. -challenging -able to be ambidextrous with your character
-Slow movements from the character. -Poor Graphics -Outdated pricing

There are several versions of this game that can be found across the internet like a bad rash on a hiker's butt, running naked through a poison ivy patch but this version pulls ahead of the rest.

In most you have only one single arm to collect items and run around like a headless chicken, but in this game you have the ability to use both hands to collect your cups and mugs to serve to your customers.

The customers are an array of different folks from aliens to people, some of which look very much like the president of the United States. The most amusing is to watch a nun appear asking for a beer.

If you are not on your toes and quick about serving your customers, this computer game will rule over you like a iron fist, but that's what makes this game fun.

There are only a few things I can say that would ruin this game and put it behind the rest. Graphics and speed of the characters are vital in a society hunger for both. To put a cherry on top of it all, the price is a bit outdated, as you would not find this game for the asking price in a retail store. However 9.99 would suite it just fine.


Overall this game is highly addictive and fun to play, if you are into this particular genre of game. Although the speed of the character and outdated graphics can be a significant drawback, I personally feel that the game ranks much higher than some of the games out there that have the better graphics and game speed. Drop the price and we have a winner!