Betty's Beer Bar Review

Hectic Beer Bar!

Submitted by beefmaster on Mon, 2010-05-10 09:09.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Great fun to play
Price is way too much for the quality of graphics and sound that you get

On starting this software, one is reminded of the graphics of the original and ancient Duke Nukem range. The graphics are really DOS era quality. However the gameplay quickly makes up for this shortfall as one is too busy to notice any graphics. The startup menu quickly points you in the right direction and the tutorial takes just a minute or two to get you accustomed. The first level playable is quite a rough start, however I did manage to make my tips target. You need to serve customers beer and then clear and clean the empty mugs, and customers who have had too many even need to be served coffee. Each customer leaves a tip according to his satisfaction with your service and speed thereof.

Your mouse cursor hops around the screen at great speed non stop as you try to keep everyone happy. I can imagine that with the full version with its next levels, things will get really busy.

This game is much like sushi chef genre type, but with more, no much more, elementary graphics.


I would play the demo a few times over, but cant see myself parting with cash for it.