PaintBuster Review

The ultimate functional software in paint world

Submitted by Kopparapudeepak on Mon, 2010-05-10 16:36.
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The lowest price: 35$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Easy to use,clean installer,excellent range of tools and features for manipulations of an image.
Very expensive,which can not be affordable because superior free alternative softwares are available.

Paint Buster is a excellent software from soft buster which have many functional capacities to manipulate the photographs of many kinds.The installer of this program runs cleanly without any malfunctions and software disorders.It supports the image formats of JPEG,GIF,BMP,ICO....etc,..Tools and features of this program can be easily understood and can be worked out simply.
It helps to create our business cards,greeting cards,Transparency of a photo,RED EYE effect and so many like these functions which can be easily applied by a normal person.
It helps to manipulate many qualities of a photograph like colour,white balance,size,zooming effect,removing or adding a piece of photograph Etc..,
The simple brushes and stamping tools of this software helps to create pieces from scratch,tools sharpen and clone,adding text to photo graph, increasing or decreasing contrast of particular area of photograph.
It gives us complete control over pixel range,palette and print level,scratch removal of a image.
Paint buster have much larger range of tools and features than Basic and standard Microsoft Paint program.When compared to Adobe photoshop it has some less functions.However its price $35.00 is very huge.Paint buster can not justify its price because a large no of software's like this are available at zero cost.


Overall it is a good software and cool.I think it is useful to the persons who want to easily edit their images.I think it is not a reasonable price for what the features they are supplying for.