Midi Maestro MM4 Review

MIDI Maestro MM4

Submitted by mahalakshmi on Tue, 2010-05-11 21:42.
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The lowest price: 89.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
It's always easy to see what's coming up:tempos,cues,instrument changes,etc.
price is little high,but the free trial is a great introduction otherwise great piece of kit.only with the exception of it failure to effectively control problems arising from the virtual synthesizer thereby causing a few seconds of delay.

MIDI Maestro offer more interaction control by a conductor when playing with a keyboard.It will follow the keyboard player's lead,changing tempo and dynamic expression as necessary.(MIDI controller by keyboard or foot switch)
These are the views and the layout used most often during a live performance.Views include view of maestro,track view,clip view,time view,fader view,song properties,Transport menu.The current position indicator remains in the center of the display.Tracks may be color-coded.Most views may be zoomed both horizontally and vertically.It is also a powerful MIDI creation and editing tool.The staff view organizes music into standard notation.Printing is also supported.There are also Staff and lead-Sheet views,karaoke view,piano roll,event list and controller view.
MM4 have several notable new features:
The Wave Maker-a powerful tool for creating audio files ready to be cut to CD.Song and set playback may be automated for easy MIDI to Audio "conversion"; The set list,track list,and staff/lead-sheet views may be opened as top-level windows; A "Time" view replaces the old "audio" view.This view now operates just like the clip view,except that minutes and seconds are used as the scale rather than measures and tricks; The folders may be added to the set list for organization; RSD type may be imported;Each song properties page allows you to set an initial tempo and relative volume; A find command allows us to search for or filter-select events; New Edit menu commands to "randomize" and "thins controller data"; All new documentation


"Just being playing with the demo.Fantastic program"