BrickShooter Review

A cool game from TERMINAL studiods

Submitted by Kopparapudeepak on Thu, 2010-05-13 15:00.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Easy to play,less cost,increases the logical thinking of the player.
The only drawback with this game is that"the menu options are not arranged properly."

Brick shooter is a simple and cool game.I recommend this for all age group people.The installer of this game runs cleanly within a span of 1minute.During installation it asks a few questions about accepting terms and conditions,whether to create an icon on the desktop or not and finally about launching the brick shooter.
When comes to game,it is very easy to play.On the initial stage of game there will be a few coloured blocks at the center surrounded by more number of blocks.This bricks will move to the center position and attaches to the blocks present at the center.By thinking logically we have to click on the blocks in such a way that three blocks of same colour should touch,at this situation they disappear.In this way we have to vanish more no of blocks in given time.
Animation of the game is satisfactory,and audio of the game is pleasant through out the game.Menu options that arranged round the blocks causes irritating while playing the game and difficult to recognize them because of dull animation and colour of them. We get more information about the game like brick shooter club,brick shooter information etc..,in
We can purchase this game online or get a cd by ordering the game.Overall i feel satisfactory with this game.I think this game is a good time passer.This game will be more entertain able if a version of this is available for touchscreen mobiles.We will have more fun on the move also.


Overall the game is good.I think the price is also reasonable.I suggest this game for children because it increases the logical thinking of them.