Luxor Review

Fairly Addictive but Challenging!

Submitted by anne88 on Fri, 2010-05-14 05:05.
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The controls are very easy so its suitable for any age. Excellent graphics and background music Best easy-to-hard game for beginners
The holy sound when i catch a precious items is very annoying and decrease the ambiance of a battle fight. Lack of special powers It gets boring after weeks of playing consecutively

I will start out with my first impression to this game. Of course at my old age, it looks simple and boring (firing crawling balls? its so easy duh!) but oh when i played it, aw! i'm very wrong.Now I understand, why the grown-ups here in our house play Luxor in most of their free time, before.

This game is a test of speed. Yes, at first you will start up with the slow movement, but when coins and jewels fall down you will be confused on what to do, whether fire the balls or catch those precious items. I can't stop shouting "aah!" whenever i missed a jewel or coin.

It's also a game of sharp sight and timing, you should know where will your ball land exactly since the row of balls is moving. I admit, most of the time, my ball lands in the wrong location.

It's very addictive and challenging specially when the balls are near the pyramid, my heart pumps just like the sound in the game.

But to be honest, it gets boring after a couple of weeks of playing.

For starter, I recommend to play this game in a high volume sound (that's what i do), because it will give you an ambiance of a battle fight and makes the game more exciting!


Just like other games, its exciting and challenging at first but when you play consecutively, it gets boring after. But its a game that all must try!