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Nifty little widget we have here.

Submitted by sixthdoctor on Sat, 2010-05-15 11:27.
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Versatile, easy to use, good if you need lots of reminders
expensive in the short run, slight learning curve

StickyNote is a program that allows you to plaster your computer in transparent sticky notes not unlike the ones you may have in your office.

The differences between paper stickynotes and the program StickyNote are numerous - and quite useful, too. No paper stickynote that I know of can alert you to an upcoming engagement with a few clicks of a mouse and a sufficiently loud sound. And this is an important feature to me because no matter how many sticky notes I plaster on my desktop - physical or virtual - I usually just ignore them. But give me a sticky note with an alarm clock attached to it - ah, NOW you've got a reminder!

Aside from that, there are some superficial customisations one can make to stickynotes, such as using different text sizes and fonts, making the stickynote look 3D (as if it was puttied to the screen and not just a transparent layer of pixels), changing the colour of the note and the text... little bells and whistles like that.

You can also set a time for the note to expire - that is, if you know for sure there's a certain date that that stickynote won't be useful anymore, no need to throw it in the trash - just set its expiration date and it'll be gone on that day!

You can set a note so it's always on top of anything else you're doing (don't worry, as I've said before, you can see through it), and you can label the note depending on what you intend for it to do - remind you of a phone number, or an important date or thing to do.

There are a thousand and one things you can do with this program, all dealing with the sticky notes and their extraneous functions.

If you want to use it free, you can for 15 days. After that, you need to buy a license. And, if you like this company's work, which I am sure you will if you need reminders every now and then. It's a tad pricey in my opinion, but then again I don't use sticky notes on a regular occasion. If you do, this may save you some money (in the long run) and save some trees.

So, if you like physical sticky notes, I think this would be a good substitute and replacement for them. StickyNote can do things regular sticky notes can't do, and all for the price of $18, which will, in time, pay for itself. Tell you, even though I'm not a sticky person, I wish I could have this for longer than the 15 day trial! :D


Well worth the 18 dollars if you need reminders for many things. Certainly more cost effective than the real thing!