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Save Chile, from Youdagames

Submitted by sixthdoctor on Mon, 2010-05-17 10:54.
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Money goes to a good cause, gameplay gets interesting, easy to learn and use.
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"Save Chile" is a game created as a fundraiser for reconstruction in Chile (which has been devastated by an earthquake and a tsunami).

It's a relatively simple game to grasp. Basically, you are a bulldozer who sees all of the impoverished, homeless children among the wreckage in Chile. And you are touched by their sad, distraught faces. So your job is to bulldoze all of the refuse from the storm away, and have enough money to rebuild the Chilean homes. The more homes you can build, the better.

The sound bytes are OK; some simple background music, the sounds of the helicopter and the bulldozer. Nothing else really.

They don't push any envelopes, but the graphics are OK. The're simple and cartoony. Very charming and pleasing to the eye.

You move your bulldozer using the arrow keys. Simple stuff. You can only push the rubble with your bulldozer - you can't lift it with your scoop and carry it. (That's part of the fun.) If you do get stuck, you can get a helicopter to come and lift the junk away.

However, using the bulldozer is MUCH cheaper than using the helicopter (which means more houses for the people, and gold stars for you).

The game's first 10 levels are very easy to win, but the last five free ones are quite tricky. And there's still fifteen more you can play if you donate to UNICEF.

While the game itself it mediocre at first, if you can get to level 10 or 11 you'll find it gets more interesting.

Besides, it's a good cause to donate to. If it's not worth paying for the game, it's well worth helping the homeless children and adults in Chile recover.


It's a simple yet decent puzzle game, and it gets more and more interesting as it progresses. And all of the money goes to a charitable cause.