Midi Maestro MM4 Review

It's easy to use Midi Maestro MM4

Submitted by michele_venturini on Mon, 2010-05-17 10:57.
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It is quite easy to use if you have a small previous experience of midi music software
It take a few times to set everything you need to play your music; hard to use if you do not have a real midi keyboard. I suggest you to use this programme.

That's a music software useful for amateurs and professional music director and musicians:
As you start a new song you have access to a panel with thr name of 24 instruments on your left side; well choose piano and a new window will open.You may define the mide device numbered from 0 to 16; as well as there are 16 midi channels you may define. And this is to define your input device: it means that up to 16 midi instruments are allowed.
Below there is the Output playback section: choose your midi output device here, I choosed sint SW Microsoft GS Wavetable, as usually they are 16 as the midi channels into these systems. Under this you may find the Channel number, 0 to 15. Set it to 1 general midi.
Then you may find th eplayback offstes details: choos a proper key, if you know what it does mean; or choose time, this is intuitive, or even choose the velocity by ear. Under this you may find the display styles: set default clef to keyboard and let split at C4.
On the right side of this panel you may find Patch finder section; set bank to general midi. Patch should be acustic grand piano. All patches alhabetically should left to acoustic grand piano if you want this specif sound. You may now control volume, and i suggest to set it to the maximun level then decide on your loudspeakers sound level.
Let the pan at -36, unless you know what you are doing by changhing this value. Choose a significative color or leave the yellow as default. If you press advanced you will access to a new panel: here you may choose mixing and filter and vibrato as well as envelope and effects.


This is a useful software, complete and easy to use.