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Music Three-Pack

Submitted by CaliforniaGirl on Mon, 2006-01-23 09:58.
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Three necessary modules packed in one. Nice, convenient and inexpensive
This is by no means a professional editing software, though it does feature all basic features necessary to perform most sound editing jobs

RipEditBurn does exactly what the name says. Basically, some guy thought – why do people need one software to rip CDs, another to edit their music files and third to burn tracks? I’m just going to make software that does all three.

So first comes ripping CDs. You know, I often laugh at reviews that say – this is the best CD ripper out their. This is so dumb. A CD ripper is a CD ripper. If you are amazed by the fact that CD ripper rips CDs, you should be surprised that your PC starts every time you press the On button. Anyhow, RipEditBurn comes with a regular ripper module that’s no better or worse than others. Same can be said of RipEditBurn’s burning capability.

Now, let’s get to editing. That’s where the meat is. You can use RipEditBurn to record any music or sound from any source, like tapes or microphone. You just have to know how to hook things up correctly. Or you can just import MP3, WMA, Real Audio, and WAV files and tweak with them.

The set of sound editing options is pretty standard - cut, copy, and paste audio; crop out unwanted segments; mix files together; adjust sampling rate and bit depth; add effects such as echo, EQ, chorus, flange, and reverse. Nothing really ground breaking, but what else do you need? Are you expecting Rolling Stones to come over to your garage studio?

Everything is rather simple and straightforward and there are no annoying bugs that I know of. After you are done tweaking with music files, you can burn them onto CD. Actually, there is one cool thing I did not mention. There is a little extra add-on called Record Cleaner that is actually quite good at cleaning up scratchy-noisy records.


If you want to record and edit music and your budget is tight, BlazeAudio's RipEditBurn does the trick