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Virtual City, by YoudaGames

Submitted by sixthdoctor on Wed, 2010-05-19 11:57.
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Easy to learn and fun game. Good graphics, inventive opening, complex economy, and yet still easy to play.
Can't think of any.

By the title of this game, I thought it was yet another city-building simulator like SimCity or Caesar.

Boy, was I wrong!

One day you're driving down the road to a new town in an old, crappy, car. Your life is miserable enough as it is, and then the bloody piece of junk breaks down right in the middle of nowhere. And then comes a passing big rig.

Just completely tired of life, you shout "Why don't you do us both a favor and run me over?" The rig stops, but instead of a stereotypical, burly, testosterone-pumped trucker, a young woman with glasses in a suit carrying a clipboard shakes your hand and tells you you now run a trucking company!

If you have ever played Transport Tycoon or Locomotion, this game is a lot like those, but on a local scale.

In this game, your objective is manyfold. First, the obvious, is to build industries and transport goods between them. You know. Standard supply and demand stuff. (This includes busses and passengers.)

Second - and I find this refreshing and intriguing - your objective is to make the environment healthier. Upgrades not only make factories more productive, but also more environmentally friendly. Some buildings specifically increase environment rating.

And while trucking is the big, central activity in this game, you also can build houses to raise population, service buildings like hospitals to keep them healthy and safe (which is important if you run bus lines), and entertainment venues like theatres to make them happy and fill your pocket.

It's a beautiful combination of city builder AND transport mogul.

The tutorial helps you get a good grip on playing this game.

The graphics are excellent for the quality of the game. You can see people walking around, playing, talking, etc. The environment of the game is very peaceful. The buildings are well-detailed, the trees and other amenities are well-made, and the vehicles, while not state-of-the-art, are animated pretty well.

The opening cutscene that precedes the game is a series of storyboards that flow well. Subtitles are used for dialogue, but there are a few sounds. The pictures are well-drawn and detailed. And it fleshes out the story behind the game very well.

The music is generic but contemporary, and fits with the game's themes of being modern and environmental. It's not industrial or burlesque, but it is enjoyable.

It's a soft, gentle game. Take your time and enjoy it.


If you like transport mogul genre games like Locomotion and Transport Tycoon, this game is another just like it. Well worth the $10 they charge. An excellent game.