Sothink SWF Decompiler Review

Actually works!!

Submitted by kensmart on Thu, 2010-05-20 01:15.
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The lowest price: 71.99$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
for advance individuals only, easy browsing, alot of information on one screen instead of popups
not for everyone, company could have designed a wizard so they could have marketed other users, costs steep i think dropping down to 49.99 could be sufficient

Im just a technician but do alot of computer work as a side job. Either computer repair or odd jobs such as helping people understand computers. This software is very easy to use and does actually do its job. Other software does work also but some are easier to follow if your new at building flash games or designing a webpage however this software can be used inconjuction with other software. This actually does break down every information you need to get if you know what you doin. Now for gamers out there. believe it or not this could come in very handy. using this you can create and edit information well HACK the game however this software like i said before isnt for everyone. You have to know what you lookin at. Charging a price like that..well alot of designers might buy this product because of what it can do but even then..they would have to learn the product in depth to be able to understand it. It seems simple but corrupting a file can be easy and then usually will drive you insane trying to figure what line of code you changed that caused the problem. Other software out there does have some better features at lower cost but still If you can combine all these softwares together then you would have a great program.

I will continue to use this program but as for others i dont know. Most software now these days market EVERYONE. LIKE WINDOWS 7. You dont see alot of people using OEMs such as LINEX because of the stipulations. Linex is great but not everyone knows how to use it.

software is popular for those advance users. company need to try to get better awareness on software sharing. this software is out there 100 free..and easy to install. Could be reason they charging so much to compensate, but who knows.


excellent program for advance users, however costs shouldnt be that much. software should be more user friendly and not just market towards advance users. now the easy to use section of this review ..well excellent once you have learned it.