Luxor Review

Fast Paced and Addicting Puzzle Game

Submitted by scardypoopoo on Thu, 2010-05-20 07:29.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Variety of Levels, Easy Learning Curve
Not Playable for long amounts of time, repetitive gameplay, Zuma Knockoff

As a big fan of the mobile version of Zuma, I found Luxor to be a good replacement for it. It is an overall fun game to play but it lacks depth which many other games have nowadays.

The gameplay requires you to shoot and match colored balls with other ones that are moving throughout the screen. The moving balls follow a set path that gets more complicated and difficult as you progress.

Unlike the Zuma game that I have played, there are more obstacles and challenges in each level, which make it more difficult to match the colors. For example the balls are now able to go underground where you cannot shoot at them, and the paths of the ball are able to overlap each other making it so you can only shoot the top layer. These subtleties along with the new Ball Power-ups add a new twist to the gametype.

The game has plenty of levels available, but the gameplay does get repetitive fast. It is a good time waster but nothing more and for 18$ you can easily find a game of a higher caliber.


In short it is a short lived, but fun puzzle game that could pass as a game included with windows.