PDFCamp Pro Review

PDFCamp Pro - one more pdf creator...

Submitted by qazzz on Thu, 2010-05-20 12:38.
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The lowest price: 34$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
-For home users is perfect -It is working and easy to use, just open any type of file and the hit the print option select PDFCamp Printer and you have the pdf. -Windows 7 compatible
check below:

I was really interested to try it out, because in my company we are using such tools and is always good to know what the market offers nowdays.

As I wrote in the title it is nothing special comparing to others pdf creator.
It installs as a printer driver and then basically can convert any type of document to pdf just by pressing the Print option.

What I didn't like:

-Computer needs to be restarted after install
-Printing webpages to pdf can have errors like: overlapped images, google ads can cover each other on the pdf depending on different browsers.
(ex. Opera , try to print the softwarejudge page to pdf)

-Printing a doc file to pdf can have the effect that the page number will be more in the pdf then in the doc...if the document contains pictures, paragraph sections. (ex. resume which needs to fit in one page can come up as 1 page and 2 lines in pdf)

-the demo version is really unusable as it marks the top of the pdf
with RED watermark


-This is a very average tool for average usage (home users) -There are cheaper competitors (even free if you look hard ;) )