Aqua Real Screensaver Review

Not Quite Aqua Real

Submitted by MjrMantorok on Thu, 2010-05-20 21:53.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Allows for many different customizations like colors, backgrounds, sounds and fish.
Animations are stiff, sounds are poor, feels like it could have been more; such as a simulation/game, resolutions not crisp.

The Aqua Real screensaver is animated and interactive. It allows the user to interact somewhat with the fish. There is a cursor that is supposed to be as if someone is tapping on the glass but very ofteb the fish do not react. The user can also sprinkle food to feed the fish but as before the interaction of aquatic life is sparce. The Aqua Real has a various customization options for what type of fish, backdrop, color and how long the saver will last. The animation on the fish is a little stiff and is not as fluid as it should be. The backgrounds are okay but could be sharper with a higher resolution. This saver is more like a simulation and could be developed further into a type of virtual aquarium simulation that's more realistic with better animations and sounds. The bubble animation is semi okay but the sound used is more like a raging creek or river than the soothing sound of bubbles in the sea. The sounds are more apt to make you upset than calm you down. The idea of an interactive saver is intriguing but is more like the early stages of a simulation or game. Interactivity engauges the user more but perhaps a saver should not be so in depth and try to pull the user in to play with it. Thus this should be a simulation/game and not a saver.


This saver is like the early production of a simulation/game and quite frankly the stiff animations lower graphics resolutions and horid sounds make this a waste of good money that could be used for something else or at least better utilized on a more visually and technically enhanced saver.