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Smash Frenzy 4 By Alawar

Submitted by scardypoopoo on Fri, 2010-05-21 04:09.
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Music, New Take on Old Game, Interesting Powerups
Repetitive, Little Skill Involved

Smash Frenzy 4 is most similar to the old game where you were given control of a small "paddle" at the bottom of the screen while a ball bounced back and forth around the screen. The object of the game was to break all of the blocks at the top of the screen. Some blocks only required one hit from the ball to break while others needed more. Smash Frenzy 4 is essentially a modernized version of this.

You have control of a curved "bat" which you can move left or right along the bottom of the screen. A ball which will make objects disappear upon touch, (except for the stronger objects which may need to be hit a few times)meanders its way across the screen. If the ball somehow manages to slip by you, you lose a life. This would be a relativly boring game if this was it though. After some objects break they may release a random powerup or powerdown. There are some pretty cools one which include a meteor coming down and blowing up everything in its radius and there are even little aliens that come and drop grenades for you. To win a level you must eliminate all of, or close to all of the objects on the map.

There are plenty of levels to play through and the theme of the levels change every 25 or so. The levels do get a tad repetitive though as the only thing your really doing is making sure the ball doesn't get past you.


Solid Game with decent graphics that will keep you entertained for at least a little while.