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Ultimate Flash Sonic, by YoudaGames

Submitted by sixthdoctor on Sat, 2010-05-22 05:09.
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FREE, Professionally made by a fan. Well-animated, physics are excellent, no bugs or flaws.
Music's a bit scratchy, pictures are a bit pxielly.

Ah, yes, one of the old great video game characters: Sonic the Hedgehog.

Many games have been made about him, in an attempt to create a franchise, mainly, but also mout of infatuation and sometimes genuine outright adoration of the Hedgehog.

This game falls in the latter category.

It's a platform game where your objective is to capture gold rings (which add to your score, and keep you from dying), and defeat Doctor Eggman and his various destructive contraptions (such as an aero bomber, or a big, flying wrecking ball). You also have to avoid getting hit by monkeys, penguins, and robots, or you'll lose your rings (or your life).

I have never played any "Sonic" games except this one. Honestly, if all the Sonic games were like this, I can see why people like it so much.

You can choose from one of the four characters of the Sonic series: Sonic himself, Tails (a two-tailed fox), Knuckles (a red character with knuckle spikes), and Cream the Rabbit. There's no real difference between them all except your preference.

The levels are medium to hard if you've never played them before. The first 3 stages (Act 1, collectively) is the easiest by far, where most of the time all you have to do is press the right arrow key and enjoy watching your character fly through the level. Later levels get harder, and I'm usually reluctant to just fly through without looking.

The graphics are pixelated on YoudaGames, but amazingly, Flash Sonic is one of the few games there that is not morbidly affected by this. The backgrounds, sprites, and scenery are all animated and fashioned very professionally. You can hardly tell that this is not a commercial game.

The sound is scratchy and sounds like someone recorded it from beneath the floor, but it's not too bad otherwise. The music is catchy, fast-paced and enjoyable. The sounds fit right into place.

Best of all, it's FREE. Absolutely free. No pay-to-play this.
However, if you did like this game, and would like more of the same, you could visit the creator's page on it at newgrounds: and rate it a five.


If you are a Sonic fan, this is a MUST PLAY. If you have never seen Sonic before in a video game, this is an excellent game to introduce you. It's free, and it's excellent. Well worth your time.