Zzed Review

Zzed...don't you dare throw out this waste management game!!

Submitted by huggums2002 on Sun, 2007-02-11 20:44.
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Zzed is fast paced, cute storyline and enough different scenarios to challenge your arcade game playing skills, good classic arcade game elements and very easy to learn to play
Kind of basic for today's computer games and it's addictive

Zzed--a new twist on the classic aracade games right down to the music. Some thinking involved for the puzzle elements and a great test of your responses and hand-eye coordination.

The storyline of a a little green alien looking for a job to win the hand of his girl is a cute little aside and the evil boss looks the part.

This game makes you want to see what comes next for our little green hero. It might not be easy to be green....but it sure is fun.


What other $20 activity can keep you amused for this many hours? A definite buy!!