Home Plan Pro Review

Great program for beginners and professionals

Submitted by FirefoxHacker on Sun, 2007-02-11 23:46.
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Excellent beginners tutorial on how to build a log cabin Links to further document ion on the web, accessible via the help menu. Excellent "tool guide" description. Gives you information on what the tools are and how to use them. Many file export features. The following file formats are supported for exporting: DXF, EMF, BMP, GIF, JPG Ability to Fax plans straight from program Options for converting between feet and metric measurements. Many options available.
Without warning the help file attempts to contact an unknown. Usually one is prompted before connecting to an outside URL Zoom feature is not very intuitive. Would like to see PDF export. Might have overkilled the options. Too many ways to do something Will need to have an active Internet connection while using the software. Many options available.

Version Reviewed:

Tarma Installer, Straightforward with not surprises, point and click installation.

Big plus on the install. It gives you the choice on where to install the software, plus options on where to place a shortcut.

Short and standard for Shareware. no surprises or restrictions

First Impressions:
Home Plan Pro seems to be mature application. The program seems to have been designed in the late 90's with many features added over time. The graphics and look and feel are a bit dated.

Reminds me of something I would download in the late 90's. The options available seems to be a bit overwhelming. This might be an overkill for a beginner. Someone experienced in the building trades might understand the available options.

The creators give many choices on changing the options. For example changing the measurements between US and Metric can be done via status bar or file menu. Too many choices can be a blessing and a curse. Sometimes designers can go too far in making something easier to use. A beginner might get overwhelmed. As one uses the software they may enjoy these features.

Patience and time will be needed to fully enjoy this software.

Recommend Uses:
Anyone who likes to design and build.

Who will like this:
Hobbyists and professional contractors. Recommend one has a background in construction and design to get the most out of it.

Site, email, phone number
Excellent support features. Gives you the ability to send an email from the application. This is accessed through the help menu.

Operating System Installed on:
Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2


Great program to use when designing and building homes, sheds or outside storage units. The designers have packed everything a builder needs to have in home building software. There are other programs out there but if you are serious about building then you need to try out Home Plan Pro.