Effect3D Studio Review

Tough for novice, boring for pros.

Submitted by cmffx1 on Mon, 2007-02-12 07:34.
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The lowest price: 89.95$
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Fun or a beginner to learn some basic features with a little patience.
Not enough advanced features. $85 pricetag WAY too steep. $19-$29 would be much more appropriate.

After reviewing Effect3D Studio several things were obvious right from the start.

From a professional point of view, there are many features missing. There should be a way to morph existing models, and there's very little ability to combine different animation settings. These 2 elements alone are enough to put serious creative limits on custom design work.

Another resricting factor is that you cannot integrate text onto the images themselves, but rather around them by choosing from set parameters. A creative beginner could more than likely come up with some pretty interesting designs over time, although more than likely very simple and basic.

Maybe enough to spice up a personal website. Some of the rendering effects would be far too advanced, and unexplained for someone with no graphic experience, but again not sophisticated enough for a seasoned pro.

Yet another negative is that there's no way to maximize the entire work area to full screen. At about 75% of fullscreen, I was a little frustrated.

On a positive note, my opinion of the site's overall design was that it was thoughtfully laid out and all controls are clean looking and very functional. The most useful section for a beginner would be the ability to easliy add 3D animation to text without any programming knowledge whatsoever.


With some changes and added features Effect 3D Studio could be a decent intermediate program. Pros will absolutely find this too basic and get bored after about 2 hours as I did. Beginners could have fun, but NOT for $85! There is similar software out there for less money with more features.