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Automation Anywhere: Enterprise-Level Automation

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Interface, Efficiency, Enterprise-Level Feedback

Automation Anywhere is a piece of software designed to create "macros" (little snippets of code that automate tasks, like starting certain programs or recording data.) It does a very good job of this, and Automation Anywhere includes several enterprise features for evaluating all the tasks that one is automating.

Easily, the best part of Automation Anywhere is its interface. Simplicity sells here : there's a nice and button labeled "Record." Basically, one hits the button and the program tracks your mouse and keyboard input. The program then creates a macro (branded "Task" in the interface.) A user can then run the task by clicking the run button.

Aside from ease of use, Automation Anywhere is good at what it does. The recording feature works fairly well, and the macros run at good speed. It even offers logs and statistics about automated tasks! In addition, you can even use a high-level solution called "Workflow" to string together macros with conditional logic (It works like a flow chart.)

About the enterprise solutions : They're a bit useless for the average consumer. It's sort of a feature that's hard to test out without lots and lots of data. I did manage to get a few statistical reports and a return on investment graph generated fairly easily, though. Overall, these features would be much better suited to system administrators working for large businesses.

The only really off-putting thing about Automation Anywhere is its price tag. While it does include a very easy to use interface, and works well, $225 is very much overpriced, especially for average consumer. Really, when considering the hefty price tag, Automation Anywhere is really only going to be used by businesses.


Automation Anywhere is an automation program that works well, but because of its high price it should only be picked up by businesses.