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Submitted by royaladvert on Fri, 2010-05-28 11:27.
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The lowest price: 31.5$
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It is very comprehensive, fast, stable and good for viewing symbolic fronts with keyboard view
It Can not handle too many fonts, Comparing Fonts ineffective,Windows only, retro Win98 look.

This program is a font manager for TrueType, PostScript Type 1 and printer fonts. You can previews all fonts with all font properties including typeface classification file data and copyright. it has a fully tested, reviewed and uploaded the install files, Typograf does not contain any adware or spyware, the latest version is 4.8f
Not very effective for a Day-to-Day user, but will surely work Marvels for a Creative User (Digital Imaging, Website Designing,etc.) who has more than 2,000 fonts installed, like me.
Managing Fonts is a heck of a challenge without a proper Font Manger and Typopraf lived upto its name, ironically so did its Cons.

The Font Viewing Part though simple but lacked the appeal. I had to scroll all the way to the left to view a font out of my 3K collection. A simple search box would have saved a lot of time!

In the Font compare Box I found myself switching myself to and fro to compare different fonts thanks to "Fonts To Compare" Box and "View Compared Results" Box in different tabs.

The Font Install/Uninstall was easy and appreciable. But the scrolling sure did make me dizzy!

The Keyboard Layout of Fonts is quite useful for symbolic fonts, but Finding the specific Font among thousands in the list will be a challenge.


The best piece of font management information software i have seen. Maybe to comprehensive for the basic PC user, but a most have for designers and other "font power users".A bit undeveloped