Sothink SWF Decompiler Review

By far, the best SWF decompiler in existence!

Submitted by balance on Sun, 2010-05-30 19:34.
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Easy to use, works well in most cases, well structured user interface, intuitive, advanced settings available
May produce decompile errors (rarely), may not be able to decompile all actionscript, occasionally slow to decompile

SWF Decompiler (especially the most recent versions) is one of the easiest SWF Decompiling programs available. That being said, decompiling an SWF in itself is not an easy process due to the Action Script coding involved.

However, SWF Decompiler provides a very simple to use work-flow that consists, mainly of 3 steps:
1. Quick opening the file to be decompiled
2. Pressing the 'Export to FLA' button
3. Choosing additional settings (which are already optimized, by default, and which you can leave alone if unsure of)

Export times will vary according to the size of the SWF and the elements within the file.

Another option that the software allows is: resource export. That means that you can look inside the SWF and only export the items that you need.

You also get an additional EXE to SWF extractor that can extract SWF files from Projector files.

The program's interface is well-structured. You see the files panel to the left, where you can browse around for files to be decompiled. The preview panel shows the content of the SWF file to be decompiled. The resources and info panels are on the right side and they show you the internal contents of the file and information about the SWF. Clicking on a resource will show a preview of that resource in the preview panel. Also, the tabbed, Office-2007 menu style is good for easily accessing the application's features.

As for the functionality of the application, it can convert a lot of SWF files and with good accuracy as well. They're not perfect, nor can it decompile all files, but, generally, it works.


Sothink SWF Decompiler is the best decompiler available today. It creates FLA files from the majority of SWFs, and does so well. It can only be recommended.