Genie Backup Manager Professional Review


Submitted by Michael odebo on Sun, 2010-05-30 20:43.
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photo manipulation, image creation Paint Buster is a fast, compact and innovative photo manipulation and image creation tool.
Paint Buster has everything you need to complete the most common photo tasks

Paint Buster is a tool that enables you to take any picture and tamorphose it into a chef d'oevoure, in which only reqiures your vision.It can be found everywhere on the internet for $35, although the try version is made available just for 30 days.

Paint buster gives you control of your images, on pixel, color, palette and print level. PaintBuster has everything you need to complete the most common photo tasks. Quickly rotate, resize, and crop photos to get the exact composition and size you need. Easily cut, paste, combine and create new images.

The options and tools of this software are arranged vertically and horizontally in which are useful in creating nice images and retouching the ones that are not yet taste. The most part of the application window is occupied by the workspace or the image display, it as well consist of features like removing red eyes or clone pen and smudge brush. As well enables easy zooming in and out of pictures and also enable you to add a frame to your picture so as to transform in a real portrait. The available mask type in paint buster are freehand, rectanglar and elliptical, you can as well fill color with mask or make a rubber band mask. It as well allow users to make freehand clip and turning image by tempering with the contrast, brightness, saturation. You can also highlight certain areas of the pictures or shadow them.


PaintBuster supports loading of more than 200 file formats and saving in all popular file formats. it has everything you need to complete your photo task quick and effectively.