Note Pager Pro Review

Failed implementation of a productive concept

Submitted by balance on Tue, 2010-06-01 22:02.
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The promise of easier and more efficient communication.
Everything else - including a Worm.Win32! (or perhaps a false positive)

The concept of an all-in-one communications platform is indeed a very appealing one to many businesses. Being able to send SMS / Text messages and be able to more freely communicate with employees or colleagues all through a unique network would definitely be seen as a productivity boost in most circumstances.

That said, the concept remains exactly that - a concept. The implementation of this great idea is severely hampered by the application's shortcomings:
1) The inability to use a large number of operators
2) The relatively limited features (it does not include social networks, nor does it include other Web 2.0 computer based communication)
3) Relatively outdated PIM features.
4) Lack of novelty.
5) Dull user interface.

Furthermore, some versions of the applications are detected as containing a Worm.Win32.VBNA.b! Certainly, no user will allow for such an application to be entrusted with company information (that may be sensitive).

If the application, however, were to update their functionality to include social network and modern chat software integration, would include more carriers, would update their User Interface and check with anti-virus manufacturers for possible false positive detections, then certainly, the application would be a lot more attracting.


While the concept of the application is the dream of most small-medium sized businesses, currently it is clear that it has yet to come true.