AudioStreamer Review

Say hello to the world of internet radio!

Submitted by jaikanoria on Mon, 2007-02-12 16:00.
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Easy to use, effective reader and recorder, organize collection with playlists and favorites, can also burn tracks to audio CDs.
Not too good a performance over slow dialup connections.

AudioStreamer is the Internet radio receiver and recorder that lets you enjoy the thousands of radio stations available on the Internet.

While listening to my favorite radio station, I was able to record any radio station I wanted, anytime! Its interface enabled me to easily browse through the radio stations, select an interesting genre and the preferred bandwidth, and enjoy Internet radio!

Searching stations by keywords was easy. AudioStreamer did a pretty good job at saving radio recordings as individual high quality MP3 tracks, and automatically added an appropriate MP3 tag to the recording, including artist and title.
The recording library is worth appreciation. It makes management and sorting of radio recordings a breeze. I loved the feature of that favorites list and added all my favorite stations to it. Organizing my collection into playlists was no difficult task, and it seemed that the application was tailor-made to suit my preferences.

Another handy feature in my opinion was the application's ability to burn tracks to audio CDs. Some easy clicks and there it was- my own CD in my desired format and in no time at all.


If love music and listen to internet radio, there is simply no reason to delay yourself from getting AudioStreamer.