Word Up Review

Word up is a "Brain Twister" Game...

Submitted by pradeep on Sat, 2010-06-05 10:04.
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1.It is very interesting, fun for everyone to play this game. 2.All age groups of people will enjoy by playing this game. 3.This can improve mental ability to think in logical way.
It is too worth to purchase this ability of game.It will be addicted by the children whenever they use to play.

Overall games i suggest the people to play this game.It is entertainment for all the people to play .Word Up may be used at various stages during a course.Word Up is an easy-to-play, fun and exciting quiz game for learners of English. Players of various ages may play together.
The first edition of Word Up was released in 1992, and it has now become the world's best-selling ESL board game. There are more additions in many countries..
Word up game develop:
* speaking, listening and reading skills
* vocabulary and spelling
* idioms and proverbs
* grammar and usage

It is very helpful to students in many ways like:
* creates a positive attitude towards learning English
* encourages students to interact and communicate with the people each other
* helps students feel comfortable with group activities
* It gives more confidence to the students to be better in english.
It is also helpful to the teachers like:
1. makes classes fun and interesting
2.creates a friendly and cool nature.
3. gets the whole class speaking and listening
4. develops strong class cohesion
5.strengthens support between teacher and students.
It has many features........
1. players of different levels can play together
2.Having high quality.
3.playing time can be fixed to match class time
4. for up to 6 individual players or up to 12 in teams will be there.


1.In my opinion word up game is a full time pass.. and having lot of entertainment.. 2.This game will develop communication skills and knowledge those who are illerates.