BrickShooter Review

Too simple to be worth $18

Submitted by sixthdoctor on Mon, 2010-06-07 09:35.
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An intriguing, challenging game theory, easy to play
Hard to win, interface and graphics are very simple and unengaging, music/sound is scarce and annoying, too expensive

Some games are terrible because they have too much. Some because they have terrible features, or because they are too complicated.

Brick shooter, on the other hand, suffers from having too little and being too deceptively simple.

All you do in this game is click on blocks. When you click on ones that have arrows on them, they move in the direction of the arrows. Your goal is to break up all of the blocks in the center of the board to move to the next level.

It's easy in practise, but difficult in theory. It is a challenging puzzle strategy game to boot.

If only its graphics and sound were a bit better.

The blocks are very simple, and in fact all of the graphics are. It looks as if it has been made in 256 colour mode - something that died out with the 90s.

There is one sound in the game - when you break up a set of blocks, an annoying, echoing clang is heard.

While the theory behind playing this game is simple yet challenging and engaging, you will probably end up being lulled to sleep by the sheer dullness and austerity of the layout.

As the old saying goes: "Presentation is everything." And this game presents itself terribly. Even Notepad has a more modern and visually appealing interface than Brick Shooter.

Feel free to try the game if you can't think of ANYTHING else to do... but it's not worth it in my opinion. Not even worth considering.


Was this made in 1995? It sure feels like it was. There are far better games than this. Don't bother with this game (unless they modernise it).