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Myslideshow Fires Regular Software’s!

Submitted by raja57 on Tue, 2010-06-08 15:57.
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The lowest price: 21.6$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Could export in to different types of files such as .exe, .scr and video files.
it isn't in use with mac which iam using.

Myslideshow is just like PowerPoint but only better. We can use PowerPoint to create slides, but this software is an easy to use photo slideshow maker. From my personal experience the options are easy to use and unlike normal PowerPoint software it’s not a pain in the butt. Some new options are you could export into .exe, .scr and video files, you could sync music an video in to slides. Myslideshow offers many features for photographers and best of all this software is free of charge. If you want a good-looking professional presentation than this software is the right thing for you and look no-more. MySlideShow is jam-packed with helpful features, meaning we will never have to buy any additional software. For example, MySlideShow is capable of adding and editing slide captions, changing picture orientation, synchronizing slide shows with music and sound effects. All options can be applied to individual images or entire sets of pictures; the slide show can go on in automatic and manual modes, making it possible to use MySlideShow for creating presentations. Our slide show can have a playlist synchronized with slides, an independent background playlist and slide-specific playlists. We can add background music and narration/voice-over audio files. The Slide Editor in the MySlideShow Gold allows us to place additional text boxes, web links, small images, Flash animations and video clips on slides. MySlideShow Features:
* Has a handy user interface (similar to Windows Explorer) for adding image files to your slide show from your image folders.
* Shows selected images and slides in preview and full screen modes.
* Shows slides as thumbnails, which makes it easier to change their sequence or sort them.
* Allows you to customize various slide show parameters.
* Allows you to add and edit the slide Captions (you can use EXIF and IPTC tags there).
* Allows you to rotate your images to the position you want without an image editor.
* Allows you to change the settings either for the whole slide show or for individual slides.
* Allows you to synchronize slides with music.
* Allows you to allocate slides in your own transition points on the timeline of the background playlist using the Timeline Editor (only in Gold version).
* Allows you to place text, small images, web links, video clips and Flash animations on slides using the Slide Editor (only in Gold version).
* Offers Manual and Automatic slide show modes.
* Offers special Start Screen option allowing you to view your photos as Previews or Filmstrip.
* Saves slide show projects in special text format that allows you to play and edit them later on.
* Has font and color settings for the slide captions.
* Has font and color settings for the image information text.
* Plays background music during whole slide show from a special play list. Each track in the playlist can be customized with the Start Time, End Time, Fade In and Fade Out options.
* Supports Transition Effects.
* Supports Motion (Pan and Zoom) Effects for output video files (only in Gold version).
* Allows you to collect several executable slide shows into an Album.
* Creates output slide shows as standalone executable (.exe) files or screen savers.
* Creates output slide shows as video files and burns video CDs and DVDs.
* Generates HTML pages with thumbnails (web galleries) for publishing on the web. The license of this graphic software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.00, you can free download and get a free trial before you buy. If you want to get a full or nolimited version of MySlideShow, you can buy this photo slide show software.


This software is good for well designed presentations and photographers. Some functions of this program make it better than other softwares.