Registry First Aid Review

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Registry First Aid is a full featured registry scanner. It includes utilities to help you scan your registry, defragment your registry and backup your registry. Beyond these standard utilities it offers a set of registry management utilities that are invaluable. Within its Registry Management section, you have the ability to change your startup programs, add or remove programs in a safe manner, change what programs you use to open your files and change how Internet Explorer functions.
Online help is limited to email support at this point, the way they have it set up is very unique and useful. If you are having problems within the program itself, contacting support from the help menu will create a debug file that will be sent to support to help fix any problems you may be having.

Registry First Aid from Rose City Software is a helpful registry repair utility that has many functions that will appeal to the advanced and novice user. It offers in depth backup utilities that allow you to perform scheduled registry backups, full registry backups and restore from any backups that have been made. It also offers an add/remove programs utility, allows you to change what programs start up when you start your computer and allows you to change many settings within Internet Explorer

Registry First Aid is easy to use even for the computer novice. It breaks down the program options into 3 categories; Registry Maintenance, Registry Management, and Registry Backup. Within each of these sections, you have various options to choose from which are all labeled in an intuitive manner. It also has an advanced options area that will allow you to change the appearance of the program, change what areas in the registry the program scans as well as set up scheduled scans.


Registry First Aid is a user friendly registry scanning and backup program. It offers a safe and effective registry scanner as well as including other features like the add/remove programs utility and program startup editor. With the addition of scan scheduling and an in-depth spread of registry backup and restore utilities, Registry First Aid is a great option when looking for a program to help keep your computer running clean.