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Clean Your registry with the Ace in Town...

Submitted by amaz918 on Thu, 2010-06-10 15:54.
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The lowest price: 25.46$
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Additional features Ace Utilities offers include a Clean Disk tool (which removes obsolete files and cleans your C drive), a Broken Shortcut Cleaner, a Disk Analysis tool and Auto-Updates. Help/Support: AceLogix Software offers plenty of help support for Ace Utilities, including a built-in manual, an online FAQs page, email support, as well as an instant update button.
This software does not allow you to Manage Running Processes-or kill processes while they are running (especially helpful when dealing with spyware) or a hardware diagnostics tool, which helps you determine if your hardware is installed and working properly

Ace Utilities from AceLogix Software is well-designed, well-supported software, but the program is missing several key features that higher ranked utilites suites include.

Ease of Use:

Ace Utilities navigation is extremely simple. It is very well-organized for the novice user and offers plenty of customization options for the advanced user. The All-In-One wizard makes it easy to run all the scans that Ace Utilities provides.


Ace Utilities offers a One-Click Maintenance wizard that runs a Registry Cleaner that looks for empty folders, duplicate files, temporary and junk files, and for invalid shortcuts. You can also run each of these scans separately.

This software also helps you deal with software references left in the Windows Add/Remove software list after you manually delete a program. Ace Utilities allows you to manage Windows startup programs with a Startup Manager and a Startup Guard. The Startup Guard alerts you whenever a new program has been assigned to startup automatically with Windows and offers several options to manage them.

One of Ace Utilities strong points is their Registry Repair tool, which allows you to easily customize areas you want the registry cleaner to avoid. After scanning your registry, you can switch to Expert Mode and double-click any error found to be taken to the place in the registry where the problem originates.

Whenever you clean the registry, Ace Utilities generates an Undo file, which allows you to put deleted files back into place in case you encounter errors after cleaning.

Ace Utilities also comes with an excellent Secure Delete tool, which lets you specify the number of times you want a file overwritten before it's considered completely deleted. The US government's standard is three times, the US military considers seven the magic number, but Ace Utilities offers to overwrite up to ten times for secure deletion


Ace Utilities by AceLogix Software is a low-priced, well-designed and well-supported utilities program that lacks some maintenance, diagnostic and optimization features