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Almost complete Privacy for KEYBOARD.,.,.

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The manufacturer provides lifetime support for all registered users. Each purchase of PrivacyKeyboard entitles the user to install the software on one machine. Multiple licenses are available at discounted prices. The software's User's Manual is one of the main areas of customer support in addition to live chat, email support and a toll-free telephone number. Lifetime support is free to all registered users
The software may fail to protect against unknown keylogger software.

Global Information Technology's premiere product is the anti-keylogger software PrivacyKeyboard. Keylogger software compromises a computer by capturing and transmitting all keystrokes that a user enters. The malware sends sensitive information such as personal data, credit card numbers, account IDs and passwords across the user's own internet connection to an un-authorized individual located someplace on the internet. Clearly, keylogger software is one of the greatest privacy threats to computer usage.

PrivacyKeyboard is successful at stopping most keylogger applications and prevents them from working on the PC. However, the anti-keylogger software does not perform scans to detect instances of keylogger software. Instead, the software proactively blocks any malware attempt to intercept keystrokes.

Computer security is confusing even for advanced users.
PrivacyKeyboard installs with ease. The default method of installation allows the user to select the language to use during installation as well as the destination directory. No other configuration options are available. The program uninstalls via an icon in the "All Programs" list or the Windows Control Panel Add or Remove Programs interface.
PrivacyKeyboard prevents identity theft and protects the user from internet banking fraud. The software supports secure email communication, instant messaging/chat and provides security for most Windows based applications

Supported Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows XP Home/Professional
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
PrivacyKeyboard does not support 64-bit platform


The software adequately protects against known keylogger software.PrivacyKeyboard stops most keylogger applications and prevents them from working on the PC. However, the software may have difficulty identifying new malware keylogger applications.