Webroot Spy Sweeper Review

Now Sweep Every Spy From You PC!!!!

Submitted by amaz918 on Thu, 2010-06-10 16:07.
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Large definitions database, easy-to-use interface, consistent updates, advanced rootkit protection and free online and phone technical support
Compatibility issues with other security programs

Defend your computer and your identity from prying spyware with Spy Sweeper. This anti-spyware software is equipped to beat off malicious, information-seeking applications to keep your data private and safe. This program is easy to use and is constantly updated to combat emerging threats.

Spyware is continuously evolving, Spy Sweeper not only constantly evolves to be able to combat newly developed spyware but it is also effectively sly. It has the ability to run undetected by most malicious programs, so spyware doesn’t even get the chance to try to work around Spy Sweeper before it is already quarantined and subdued.

There is a wide range of people that use spyware software, some want to manually initiate scans and study the latest emergent threat. Others just want to install the anti-spyware software and rarely or never think about it again. Spy Sweeper can satisfy both types. Not only can this software defend in realtime with email scans and more, but it also offers a choice of three different system scans. For the hands-on type it can run custom sweeps that will skip selected folders or extensions. Or it can be set to conduct a full sweep periodically on its own. Or if you are an alert and impatient type it can be commanded at anytime to run a quick sweep that is able to find dangerous spyware or malware in less than a minute.

Nowadays personal computers are often used as a communication device and a way to get the latest news and entertainment, which requires connecting to the Internet. And if your computer is accessing the Internet, you and it are at risk. So why not protect your computer, your personal information and your online habits with the best anti-spyware software available, Spy Sweeper

With such a powerful and versatile anti -spyware application, we expected to take a performance hit after installation. We experienced a slight decrease in overall system performance after installing Spy Sweeper on our slower computers (less than 1GB of RAM, less than 1Ghz processor speed), so be aware that this program runs best on a system with more than the minimum requirements. In fact, its published requirements are a 350 MHz processor with 256 MB of RAM; first of all, if you have a computer that old, you are in desperate need of an upgrade, but second of all if you do have a system this limited you will likely notice a major slow down in your processing speed and multi-tasking ability with this program running. However, if you are like most people and have a PC or laptop with 2GB or more of RAM and a decent processor, this program will run with little noticeable slow-down.

Spy Sweeper can run in the background while you have other programs running, provided that you have a decent computer. If you are playing an online game or PC game and do not want to be interrupted you can set it to Gamer Mode and it will postpone the scheduled scan to another time. Nevertheless, your computer is not running unprotected; the real-time shield protection is always active. This scanning pause can also be used if you want to watch a movie uninterrupted.


It's difficult to find an antispyware program that's more powerful. If this product were reduced to only its scanning capabilities, I would still recommend it as the top of the heap.