Registry Mechanic Review

A mechanic for your messed up registry...

Submitted by amaz918 on Thu, 2010-06-10 17:52.
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I must say :- Very strong registry cleaner with many features that add to ease of use.
Just proffessional registry cleaning and nothing else.Does not have many features beyond registry cleaning.

Registry Mechanic is designed to be easy to use, and comesw in handy for beginners. It ahs a simple concept applied: You make a registry backup, then click the scan button, and finaly click the fix button and that's it( Though Not hectic) . But registry repair is a little bit complex too — it's recommended to understand each step so you can make informed and restricted decisions.
This registry softaware has a feature in it that it has devided registry errors into categories, offers descriptions for each and shows the importance of repairing them. This data helps you make good decisions on how to best repair or remove dangerous files.

Registry Mechanic automatically scans (using either a deep or a quick scan) at startup but it can be altered with and the settings are easy to change if your not a dummy, then you can select some or all the registry errors found during the scans for repair using checkboxes.

Well, If you ask me........!! Yes, I found Registry Mechanic to be simple for beginners yet customizable for professionals. The program navigation is beautifully designed and intuitive, and Registry Mechanic offers conveniences such as a resizable dialogue screen.
Another advantage that must be listed is Registry Mechanic does a good job of identifying potential problems and letting you know which ones have the most priority.

It also has a cool feature called System Monitor, which offers data that looks like it came from a heart rate or processor usage monitor and measures the utilization of your operating system’s resources.

The option for help menu is great. It offers instant access to a help manual through the convenient Help key. Online help options include easy access to the PC Tools Labs and a Windows Registry Guide, FAQs, forums, and email support. The Quick Start Guide was also quite handy.

Also, the live update tool lets you get timely software upgrades automatically. For this feature i rate it *****.(5).,.,,


Registry Mechanic is an efficient, user-friendly program. It is very easy to install and spells out important information about the nature of each error, color-coding is a beautiful feature so any user can understand the severity.