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PDF Camp Pro- Very Easy and Simple PDF Converter

Submitted by andypaijo on Fri, 2010-06-11 03:38.
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PDF Pro Camp, a converter device that is very easy to operate. This software is produced by www.verypdf.com. The working principle of this software is that you be requested to specify a file name that will convert, then select the pdf file name and storage place. Very easy and simple

Camp PDF Pro is used to transform a file in pdf format. The files can be modified:.doc, .rtf, .dot, .htm, .html,.xls and more.We recommend that you first set up the folder where the file will change

With a simple software interfaces that will facilitate users in its operation. View Menu, will display open files, on-the-top, technical support, batch to pdf on the web, buy online, about, exit. You simply choose the open files to get started. Or by pressing the shortcut button open, which will take you to the file storage area that will be changed. Very simple.

What about price? With a price of $ 34 plus 10% discount, I think not too expensive. So what are you waiting? Order now!


very easy and simple to use