Dungeon Scroll Review

Quite addicting

Submitted by TheItch on Fri, 2010-06-11 09:52.
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Excellent and original, Easy to just pick up and play, instructions on main menu
Some legitimate words would not register with the system, outdated graphics

I saw this game and thought that it would be just some other word game...but it wasn't. It has quite a few aspects that make it stand out from other games.

The playability for this game was quite simple, but at the same time very fun. It was very easy to figure out what each item's purpose was, and how to use each of them. Things were separated by colors and names, and short descriptions of it's bonus'.

The actual interface of the game is what makes it stand out from others. You have your own inventory of letters and power-ups, as well as the section where you place your letters to form words, BUT there is also a part of the screen that is solely for the animations related to your words. Not only would you rack up points, but you would be completing words to create spells that would do damage to monsters in the animation box depending on how big the words are. Each monster was different and you would occasionally come across a boss that had it's own look and health.

The power-ups in this game are quite rewarding, there are some that give you more damage and even some that will tell you the best possible word to use against the monsters. There were also these books that would come to you by chance after you defeat a monster, each book would allow you to choose one of two choices, both being great and worthwhile rewards.


Great game, very addicting, worth the buy.