PDFCamp Pro Review

PDFCamp Pro - not quite so Professional

Submitted by balance on Sun, 2010-06-13 09:01.
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Easy-to-use, creates PDF files with no visible image quality loss.
Display error with the letters i and l, cluttered interface with useless buttons.

PDFCamp Pro is an application that converts documents into PDF files. It boasts two ways of doing that: the first is by means of a virtual printer that is installed on your computer, and the second is via a batch converter.

The first option will act as a regular printer and will allow you to print any file that you open using any application. It's pretty comfortable and can, similarly to any printer, be adjusted and tweaked via the print Properties button.

The second option - the Batch Printer, is another story. You can select multiple documents to be converted using the simple 'Open' button available on the user interface. Aside from that button, you will find a number of other buttons that do absolutely nothing (well, one is the link to a virtual web-page, the other is the companies e-mail address, another one is the menu button, that repeats the order of the other buttons displayed on the user interface.

One important thing to note about the batch converter is it's lack of customization options (there really are no settings to tweak). Another thing that's work mentioning is that the interface looks unnecessarily cluttered with non-functional buttons, and that the interface style, in itself, does not look visually appealing, nor is particularly of much productive use.

A problem that occurred every time the printer or batch converter was used, was the fact that the letter l or i appeared oddly bold. This defect is alleviated by zooming in to 500%, but for the visual experience of online document reading, the letter problem will be quite significant.


PDFCamp Pro is a PDF printer that, with some tweaking, customization and bug fixes, could become a useful resource.