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Submitted by jalalafzl on Sat, 2010-06-19 01:13.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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It's a fine, clean and stable sticky note. And it has a tiny footprint. I have been using it for years. No nagging whatsoever.
One feature I wish to it to have: Reverse hidden notes-- be enabled to toggle show notes hidden.

With StickyNote, you can create beautiful 3D notes on your desktop or send them instantly over the Internet.

StickyNote also enables you to add notes to documents or windows and to attach documents to your note. StickyNote eliminates the clutter and confusion of keeping up with the reminders and phone numbers that never seem to be where you left them.

Forget jotting down messages and let StickyNote deliver them for you. You can even customize a note's texture, color and priority with a few simple clicks, and you can set an alarm to have notes appear at a certain time or at regular intervals. Managing important information has never been easier!

Here are some key features of "StickyNote":

· Create photo-realistic 3D notes on your desktop with a single click.

· Attach notes to documents or programs. That way important ideas or passwords will never be lost.

· Pass notes instantly over the Internet. An easy way to make sure phone messages are delivered in the office without ever leaving your chair. Notes pop up right on the recipient's computer screen.

· Set alarms. You can set notes to appear at specific times to remind you of important events. You can even set the notes to appear periodically.

· Password-protect notes. You don't have to worry about your personal information being seen by others.

· Customize your notes' look and feel. With StickyNote, you can change the color and texture of your notes.

· Synchronize your notes with Microsoft Outlook, your Palm handheld or other PDAs. Now you can carry your notes with you wherever you go.


A small gem of a productivity for free. If you need or use a sticky note (who doesn't?) get it! You will be surprised by its dozen useful features wrapped in its small unassuming petiteness.