East-Tec Eraser 2006 Review

It really works, but how serious are you?

Submitted by Mack Taff on Mon, 2007-02-19 18:43.
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It works, Variety of wiping methods

When you first open east-tec eraser you will notice four big buttons. Those four buttons will pretty much do everything you will need to do as far as deleting files and protecting private information. In my tests I first created a pdf file and called it "supersecret.pdf". I first deleted using the empty recycle bin. I tested recovery using PC-Inspector and Restoration. Super secret was still there. Using the free space wiper included in east-tec eraser (and a couple hours of my time) I was able to completely remove any traces of that file. Neither program even detected the file anymore.

After that, thanks to modern day espionage, I had another copy of supersecret.pdf on my usb drive. This time I tested deleting files and folders with east-tec eraser. To my surprise, deleting the individual file took less than a second. Pretty speedy compared to the hours I spent doing the free space wipe.

Now that I think about it supersecret.pdf isn't really that secret. It doesn't matter if the DoD sees it, I just want to hide it from my boss. By switching the erase options from the default erasure method to the one pass method, we can reduce our free space wiping time and effectively hide our files from 99.999 percent of anyone that might be looking. That way you should be safe from your boss or nosey burglars, but not the N.S.A.


Overall this is one of the better erasure programs that I have used. Unlike some, it does work as advertised, if you use this to delete a file there is really no chance of recovering it. Because of its speed, It is better for deleting single important files than entire drives, but it can be sped up by changing up the options. However, most users just want to do things like permanently delete internet history and cache, this is not for those type of users. There are other programs out there much cheaper for things like that. You will need to have some hardcore secrets to justify the pricetag on this program. If it weren't for the price, this one would get 5 stars.