Puzzle Express Review

Old game with new interface

Submitted by Stotinka5 on Sun, 2010-06-20 17:43.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Original idea; easy to play - good for kids and adults; entertainment;
Bad sound; too expensive;

That is a new variant of ‘’old tetris’’ game with original idea. The rules are same like in all tetris games – to put in order all of the bricks. The interesting is that the bricks come onto a conveyor belt and the game finished when the belt is full. You can rotate the bricks only on the conveyor but not and on the train carts. Extra points you can get if you get 3 or more rows. When you finish the level on the screen, apply a beautiful image. When you see all of the images – the game automatically download a new one. There is an option to upload your image or photo if you want. The sound is depressive a bit, so you can change the song or just mute it.

There are two game modes: express and scenic. Express mode is more difficult, because has timer and you have to put the bricks fast on the train carts. Scenic mode doesn’t have time limit so you don’t feel this pressure like in express mode and you can be more creative. However, you can play Puzzle Express and online for free, but the trick is that you can play only the express mode of the game. Puzzle Express is a very addictive game so if you try the game you will want to buy it. Actually the prize is a small problem, because today game like this can’t cost more than 8-10$.


If you are a tetris maniac - try the game online and if you like it - buy it. Me impressed me the idea and when I played the game for a first time - surprised me the image in the end of the level.