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Watermark Wonders!

Submitted by jov89 on Fri, 2010-06-25 20:50.
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Nice emboss feature, watermark in batches, user-friendly.
For some reason, after creating a new folder to store the photos, it jumps to the root directory (i.e. My computer). No complaints otherwise.

Being an avid photographer myself, nothing beats the importance of having a proper watermark on my photos to prevent photo thieves.

Watermark Factory definitely removes the pain that all photographers went through when using complicated photoshop softwares to create their personal watermarks.

Besides having a user-friendly interface, Watermark Factory allows adding watermark in batches in one click. It also offers a variety of options for the watermarks in terms of the text effects, the orientation, and the sizes.

Another icing on the cake would be the display of the EXIF datas for the respective photos.

In short, Watermark Factory is easy to use and caters to all photographer's need for adding watermarks on photos.


A good watermark software that is customer-orientated and simple to use.