Typograf Review Review

Not for Vista Users

Submitted by jov89 on Sun, 2010-06-27 09:22.
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The lowest price: 31.5$
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Display all font information, keyboard layout, different printing options
Not Vista supported, no search bar, unfriendly interface

When I stumble upon Typograf, I thought I had struck gold. While I'm not a designer, I am a video editor where typography is fairly important to produce a professional looking video. However, the software proves to be a disappointment.

Typograf allows users to view their collection of fonts in one go. The software's interface only allows left and right scrolling, which can be quite a hassle when you have a big collection of fonts without the help of a search bar.

For users with an eye for beauty, Typograf definitely doesn't fit the bill with its unimpressive outlook. The biggest downside of all is that the software does not support Windows Vista, and hence an annoying "Windows Help Support" window keeps popping out when you click on the menus.

I am currently using the Typograf 4.8f version and the font comparison tab works fine. It allows you to type a sample text for comparison and also to compare the properties of both fonts.

The keyboard layout is very useful to view the fonts for all alphabets and symbols in one go.

Generally speaking, Typograf is far from being your No. 1 typography software and in my opinion, not worth the price spent.


Can give it a try if you are not a Vista user and don't mind the simple outlook.