123 LogAnalyzer Review

Analyze your site/blog traffic

Submitted by barlaz43 on Tue, 2010-06-29 21:46.
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The lowest price: 110.46$
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Quite fast,a complete solution for all details of your site/blog users.
For beginners it will take some time to learn.

123 LogAnalyzer is a complete solution for all the details of your site/blog visitors ranging from their country,operating system used to the total number of page views.It can do really cool things for you, for example, you can know if people from California spend more on your goods and services than, say, West Virginia residence, or that Brits are twice as likely to sign up for the news letter as Canadians. Or that visitors from China that constitute only 2% of your total visitors consume 35% of your bandwidth.

There is also a Marketing/Advertising ROI module that takes time and some degree of sophistication and tech-savvy to set up, but it does miracles, once it’s done. It’s easily integrated with all PPC and some affiliate programs.

I used all of the logs over the history of my website, and it took only 10 minutes to analyze! While it takes some time to figure out all of the functions of this software, once you do you'll realize how important the information is to you. This information can help you increase the efficiency of your site after only one use!


123 loganalyzer will provide you with very precise and thorough data that will help you understand your audience and customers much better.