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PDF Camp Pro 2.3 Experience

Submitted by sserbanro on Mon, 2010-07-05 14:18.
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The lowest price: 34$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Printer Setup Dialog is very good!
Ignores the market competition. Deliveres a lot less than it states. Price is bloated compared to other products. See below.

PDF Camp is a virtual printer that allows users to generate PDF file output from any application that is able to operate with files, and more specifically, to output its results into a file.
Since I already use for some 12 years such devices, as PDF 995 and Primo PDF, I am pretty familiar with the idea of a virtual printer. So, here is the story, from its first step.
Setup. Seamless, some 50 seconds or so, on a Celeron M540-64bit/1500 MB DDR II (Asus X51RL). Sinmce I already had a “printer”, Setup asked me if I want to setup PDF Camp as default printer. Rejected though...
Menu. BatchToPDF 1.2; PDF Camp Help on the web; PDF Camp Pro 2.3; Uninstall.
I accessed the “Help on the web”. A little confusing. If I were a beginner, than I could easily call that “hell upon my head”. It looks like a multi-product list, instead of a common help file. Since I know that there are various aspects encapsulated in the same app, I skipped reading...
First print job. Since some online pages are very interesting and I encountered many times the need to keep references from a page somewhere on my PC, such as in a PDF file, I used this many times. So I did now. First excellent surprise was “Printer setup” dialog. A tabbed window, with many tabs, enough to accommodate even some more experienced users. Resolution might be setup at a maximum of 2400 dpi, which is quite very good, especially for printing special reports that include both vector graphics and complex raster images, or charts. Among other features, I was interested in security features and I found 40 bit and 128 bit encryption, with three levels. A nice feature is also the “send through mail file after printing”. This is an interesting feature, but I have doubts about my mail's privacy. How can I control what this app does with my private data, such as SMTP access to my mail server? Why would I lower my security accepting such “a bargain”? When the app sends the file to the assigned destination as I set it up, it can also perform a background job to sent the same file to the company, on a special server designed to collect quietly all kind of such private data.
From this point on, I really wonder why should I pay $34.20 for a product that I can replace with a similar (or maybe better one!) FREE alternative, such as PDF 995, that offers a bunch of features listed on a whole page, at the cost of showing a sponsor's page in browser, for each print task?... Besides, I know it and it's decent enough.
Some other bad thing is that software description states it renders hyper-links “Automatically detect URLs and convert to PDF Links”, an this is on a special tab!!. Facts deny it though... Result of printing is as good as Primo PDF's which is FREE.
Second test lead me to the same output, from which I conclude that PDF Camp is only a new Windows GUI for the GNU- GPL Ghost Script Printer, with some pink ribbons to tie its (nice) box. For a product major version 2 and a minor 3, I'd say that I'll use it when it gets to some 15.8 version. As for buying, after a thorough period of FREE FULL trial of at least 60 days, maybe...
Sorry guys, you still got a lot of work to do. I only want to prevent you to japerdise your own business, by getting flooded with refund requests. This is only an Alpha stage product, compared to what's on the market FOR FREE. And I avoided till now, to mention Open Office, that prints everything from a button “Export directly into PDF”. And I use Open Office for some 5 years now, including on Linux, lately...
BTW... After reading the “Refunding Policy”, I am sure I'll stay as far as I can from ANY PURCHASE OFFER from VeryPDF.
Another “con” is that full PDF 995 package costs only $19.95.


I recommend re-entering a new serious product cycle, since it is an ALPHA stage product offered as a mature one.