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A special program, to withdraw a simple professional flasher decompile SWF / draft Florida X-Flex, SWF's, and extract elements from Flash movies in this series. It supports Flash 6 to Flash MX 2004 (7.0), Flash 8 in, Flash CS3 in (9.0) and Flash CS4 in (10,0) completely. Flex is a support. It is compatible with the work of 2.0 and 3.0 work. It can also be checked against Flash's SWF compiler installed on your computer components.
Flash SWF decompiling SWF into FLA's. Flash version can export FLA 6 of the Flash MX 2004 (7.0), Flash 8 in, Flash CS3 in (9.0) and Flash CS4 in (10.0). When the trend of Swiss franc against the draft compilation, export documents and other items MXML file. Can perform almost all the Flash elements, shapes, morph shapes, images, audio, video, windows, fonts, text, buttons, sprites and work and so on.

A special scheme to recover the flasher to provide multi-lingual interface, including English, French, German and Traditional Chinese. Has been improved, a very friendly user interface provides four methods to meet individual needs. You can set the on-site inspections and background patterns to see if flash is a good game, you can see thumbnails and go to the project. Flash Video Player is an integral part, is playing well, and give full control of the program.
For SWF Decompiler more appealing, SWF Rye is a free program that can increase the flash movie through the Internet or any treatment, and then sit down with the FLA of SWF flash movies in Flash's SWF decompiler.
Flasher full support for Windows 7.

Supported input types of files:
1. The establishment of export SWF to FLA Flash.
2. By X - Florida flash establish export.
3. Made by the FLA or Flex Flex SWF in the project file output.

Elements in the form of output available:
1. Act as, or formatting of the page;
2. Looks like a Swiss francs, Florida, MP3 or WAV format;
3. For example, a SWF, FLA's, JPEG, BMP, or PNG image format
4. The FLA SWF video format or FLV,
5. GLS form, such as Swiss francs or FLA format.

Features flasher:
• Layer SWF to FLA's.
• Layer CHF Flex project, and get an MXML document files and other items.
• Adobe's Flash format by the FLA standards established X crashes.
Support for the Flash 6 • 2004 Flash range (V7 in), Flash 8 in, Flash CS3 in the (9th Edition), and Flash CS4 in (V10 engine).
• Compatible (2) and work (3).
• export SWF to FLA SWF to Flex extraction projects, and in batch mode / resource.
• support the export of the necessary resources to coordinate or SWF to FLA.
• extract in different forms, including forms of main content, sounds, images, sprites, fonts, text, work, and so on.
• working paper on the implementation of p, or the format of the HTML.
• Enter your Flash movie FLV format video files.
• multi-language interface is now available, including English, German, French and Traditional Chinese.
• capture, through IE or Firefox Rye Swiss francs, Swiss francs Internet Flash movie and save it in local drive movie.
• Swiss francs from various forms of resource exploitation film.
• Support for flash components.
• Provide an easy to use, such as replication Office (2007 years).
• enter and in the preview window decompile flash review resource.
• from the user-friendly Windows Explorer in the Flash SWF.
• Provide built-in SWF player hard drive or network.
• Take a picture submitted to the clipboard or to play Flash video preview window.
• Provide control bar to see the play, stop, forward, backward, zoom in / out free Flash video.
• Characteristics of the Flash movie elements in detail.
• View the resources to work a good panel.
• When decompiling AS3.0, supports a similar folder tree, and class structure according to package the track.
• Clear your IE browser cache and listing all Flash files that you suggest.

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its very effective tool for converting .swf to .fla for editing